MVSTA 2008

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St. John's members at front gate.

2008 Sponsors

Gary Gallimore being interviewed

Wood Carver

1st annual Cornhole games

part of the small engine display

Calvin Family 1917 International Truck

Criss & Catlin

Michelle & Tim at the blind tractor game

Carl Calvin blind folded with his grandpa directing him

Criss & Pop Calvin the undefeted champs

Tim & Libby Crump

Skillet toss

Michelle winner of skillet toss

Little Libby wanted to try also.

Egg Toss was a messy addition

Robin and the boys

Calvin clan

Opening Ceremonies

Wilma Young

Secretary & Treasurer are not in for pictures

Russell Sams little addition to the show.

Friday night Parade

Kehl Chevrolet sponsor Tractor pull, driven by Criss

Renee, Sara, Walter (Pop) and Agnes Calvin riging in a Surry

Bob Bowersmith with his baler

Tractor Pull

Marc Iman cutting logs for Veneer Mill

Veneer Mill

Carl Schrote with his engine.

Calvin's Engine

Carl Schrote's Engine

Mark Parson's Engine


TC (electrian) & Robin

International Feature of 2008 show

Silver King

New Holland Baler


Harvesting Wheat for Threshing

Mark Thompson with his engine ready to power Thresher

Tim Calvin putting wheat bundles into Thresher

Thresher throwing straw into pile for baling

Carl and Tim Calvin cleaing wheat with fanning mill

Renee Calvin with Kelly on stationary baler

Tim putting straw in stationary baler

Renee with Kris on Tread Mill operating Ground Hog Thresher

Grist Mill grinding wheat into flour.